Spunkette  Chickens in flowerpot Polish Legbar lemon frizzle

We are fortunate enough to enjoy many breeds of chicken roaming the farm, gardens and generally causing mischief, from Silkies and Legbars to Seabrights and Poland's giving us a wide selection of eggs to enjoy in various shades of brown, cream, blue and even green!

Although our chickens are kept as pets we do, from time to time, have hatching eggs, chickens and cockrells available. Please Contact Us for information.

Many of our chickens, such as Polands and Sultans are rare breeds, chosen for their character, looks and importantly to help preserve rare and traditional varieties. Others, on the other hand such as the Light Sussex and Maran were chosen for their size (they are large Hens) and egg production - sometimes over 200 a year each!